Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash

Correction! Blade and Blue sprites are modified versions of Equinox_Twilight’s Flare the Hedgehog and others, they were made by a fan

This game saves automatically so feel no need to beat it all at once! And thanks a lot Tom for letting me upload! and

I finally release my first game, Super Smash Flash! Play as 28 different characters in Multi-man Melee, Target Test, Adventure, Classic, All-Star and more! So have fun! (I recommend a decent computer to run this game.)

How to Play Super Smash Flash
You can't play team battles without at least one member on 2 or more of the teams. Player 1 is required for V.S. Battles I find it quite entertaining to watch CPU's battle it out to see who's best, try it! All Credit Info is already in the SWF
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